At International Fashion Machines (IFM), we believe that high tech doesn’t have to be hard-edged. Functional doesn’t have to be impersonal. And lighting your room doesn’t have to be mundane. We combine exceptional contemporary design with the latest in electronic textile technology to create products that soften and enliven your experience with every day items.

Our patented Plush Touch sensing technology literally weaves, tufts, sews and embroiders electronic yarns and materials directly into fabric, making the fabric itself a sensor, and transforming it from purely decorative to something that’s uniquely functional. This exclusive technology turns standard dimmer switches into stylish accessories, and makes lighting a room an extraordinary sensory experience.

IFM is the brainchild of artist and technologist Maggie Orth. From textile-based home products to one-of-a-kind color change artworks, IFM is forging a new direction in contemporary design.

International Fashion Machines, Inc. E-Textiles are now Patented - United States Patent No. US 7,054,133 B2



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