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What are e-textiles?
Electronic textiles (e-textiles) are innovative textile materials, (fabrics, yarns and threads), that incorporate conductive fibers or elements directly into the textile itself. These materials eliminate wires and hard electronics, so all you feel is the textile itself! This technology is what makes our products uniquely soft and tactile! And IFM's unique approach to e-textiles allows us to create the softest e-textiles around.

How do e-textiles work?
Electronic textiles incorporate conductive materials directly into the textile itself. There are many kinds of conductive textile materials available, from yarns to woven and coated fabrics. Most electronic textiles are passive circuits, which means that they are resistive or conductive elements.

Where are e-textiles used?
Electronic textiles are used in many products, including the NuMetrex athletic garments that monitor your heartrate, fabric keypads for controlling your iPod, and heating products. They can be used to create sensors, thermochromic displays, data transfer systems, antenna and heating elements.

How can I work/craft with e-textiles?
E -textiles today can be made with a variety of conductive materials including silver, stainless steel, copper, and organic conductors. Yarns are available in many structures and can be coated, twisted or spun. Other materials that come in handy are conductive tape and ink.

Electronic textiles are always coupled with traditional electronics. This means that every e-textile project needs a power supply, an electronic component, and an e-textile to textile connection. Many people working with e-textiles find the task of buying and combining traditional electronics and e-textile yarns overwhelming. So IFM has made it easy for you with e-textile kits that include both the e-textile and electronics! We supply all the yarns, electronics and a means for connection- so they are fun and easy to use.
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Are your products easy to use?
Yes. Our electronic textile dimmers require just a gentle tap to turn on, off and adjust light levels.

Are your products easy to install?
Yes. All of our products are easy to install. The ESSENTIAL and POM POM Wall Dimmers install in your wall like any dimmer switch. The ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer simply plugs into your lamp and any standard wall outlet.
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Are your products safe?
Yes. All of our products meet all applicable safety standards. Our ESSENTIAL and POM POM Wall Dimmers are UL listed and comply with all their safety standards - including wet hands! Our ElectroPUFF Lamp dimmer uses a UL listed lamp dimmer and our flame resistant fibers.

Is the sensing method safe?
Yes. The sensing method we use is capacitive. This sensing method is used in thousands of devices from touch screens to standard wall dimmers - all of which have been rigorously tested for safety.

Should I use the hook & loop attachment system with the ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer?
Yes. We recommend using the included hook and loop attachment system to secure the ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer to a fixed surface. This keeps your ElectroPUFF in place and always convenient to use. This also discourages young children from tossing it like a ball.
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Are your products durable?
Yes. The electronic components of our products are as durable as any electronic device. Our textile components are highly durable and made with materials that have passed a variety of appropriate durability tests, including ACT performance standards for upholstery.

Can I buy replacement textile covers?
Yes. You can expect a long life from your e-textile products. Should the textile component show wear after time, there is no need to replace the whole product. You can update the e-textile component with an inexpensive replacement. You can continue to use the original electrical components.

Can I install my dimmer in the kitchen or bathroom?
Yes, however for the longest life of your e-textile product, we don't recommend installing our products in the kitchen or bathroom for wear and tear reasons. IFM's limited warranty will not cover the product installed in the kitchen or bathroom.
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Are your products antimicrobial?
Yes. The e-textile sensors that you touch are all antimicrobial. The ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer is made with the highest quality, recycled nylon carpet yarns with antimicrobial features.

Are your products stain resistant?
Yes. Our wall dimmers use Designtex felt and fabrics, which meet or exceed ACT performance standards for upholstery. The ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer is made with the highest quality, recycled nylon carpet yarn.

Can I clean my ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer for Kids?
Yes. For most cleaning needs, we recommend cleaning it with an adhesive roller. For heavy soil, we recommend a damp sponge with mild liquid soap and air drying. Do not submerge in water.

Can I clean my ESSENTIAL or POM POM Wall Dimmers?
Yes. We recommend cleaning the felt and cover fabrics with a damp sponge and air drying. There should be no need to clean the POM POM or tufted sensor. Do not submerge in water.
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Dimmer Benefits

Are there benefits to dimming my lights?
Yes. IFM's wall and lamp dimmers give you more flexibility with your lighting control. You can adjust the lights in a room for a specific activity or create a particular atmosphere, rather than simply having the lights turned on or off.

How does a light dimmer work?
Dimmers work by interrupting the current flowing into the filament in incandescent and halogen light bulbs. When less current flows into the filament, the filament doesn't get as hot, and it produces less light.

Do IFM's dimmers save energy?
Yes. IFM's lamp and wall dimmers save energy. When the dimmer interrupts the electrical current flowing through it, essentially no power is being consumed.

Are there green benefits of dimming?
Y es. Dimmers can help reduce CO2 emissions. If every household in the U.S. installed one IFM wall dimmer, we would reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to that from 370,000 cars. Dimmed bulbs can also last up to 10 years, which significantly reduces landfill waste.
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How can I obtain a sample?
IFM has a sample loan program for designers, architects and educators. A sample POM POM Wall Dimmer or ESSENTIAL Wall Dimmer can be borrowed for 30 days. The borrower is required to pay for shipping and handling and is responsible for the cost of the sample if it is not returned in 30 business days. IFM is currently unable to provide samples of color change textile artworks, however pieces are often on view in galleries, showrooms and museums around the world. Please contact IFM for more information on where color change textiles are currently on view.
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