ElectroPUFF Craft Kit


Discover the magic of electronics textiles! Make your own ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer with this fun, easy and educational craft kit. The ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer is a soft, whimsical pompom that controls any incandescent table lamp with a gentle tap. By combining colorful recycled carpet fibers with special conductive yarns that sense your touch, you'll create a truly unique object that's as much fun to make as it is to use!

•Fun & easy for everyone!
•No knowledge of electronics is required.
•Perfect for kids (ages 6 to 100), crafters, science enthusiasts, educators, techies and anyone who loves to work with fabric.
•As safe as plugging a lamp into a wall.
•Learn about the magic of e-textiles and basic properties of electricity with our educational data sheet.
•Contains all the materials you need to make your ElectroPUFF, including all the yarns, pre-assembled electronics, reusable pompom maker & embroidery needle.

**The ElectroPUFF Craft Kit is currently not available in Light Blue. The fully assembled Light Blue ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer is available.**

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Craft Kit Raves

No special skills are needed, so it could be a fun project to do with kids or give to a crafty friend interested in "smart" materials. -Craft Magazine Blog

We love that this high-design little gizmo is kid-sized, comes in vibrant colors, and is surely more useful than anything else thatís so much fun to touch and hold. -Red Tricycle

This must be among the cutest in interior design right now. -Hemfeber




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