ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer for Kids




This fun and fuzzy five-inch puff is actually a unique electronic sensor that controls a lamp's light levels with just a gentle tap. Made 100% of textiles, the ElectroPUFF™ is irresistibly soft and fun to use. Kids will love their whimsical style and vibrant colors - while adventurous adults will appreciate their innovative technology.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to use!
•Easy to use: turn on, off and set 3 light levels with a simple touch
•Makes lights out cozy and fun
•Unique gift for everyone
•As safe as plugging a lamp into a wall
•Quick and easy installation
•Works with any incandescent lamp
•100% textile sensor is hand-made from recycled carpet fibers
•Antimicrobial & stain resistant
•Rigorously tested for safety and durability
•Learn about the magic of e-textiles and basic properties of electricity with our educational data sheet

You can also make your very own ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer with our fun and easy ElectroPUFF Craft Kit!

Download Product Instructions [PDF]



Easy, Safe & Durable


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Can't see this video? Click here to see a full size video at blip.tv. (Link will open in a new window)

ElectroPUFF™ Raves

We love this for the nursery, especially after a warm bath and winding down for bedtime. -
apartment therapy: the nursery

We love that this high-design little gizmo is kid-sized, comes in vibrant colors, and is surely more useful than anything else thatís so much fun to touch and hold. -Red Tricycle

This must be among the cutest in interior design right now. -Hemfeber




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