Sample Dimmer Board

The IFM Sample Dimmer Board is an excellent tool to experience IFM's patented POM POM™ Wall Dimmer and ESSENTIAL™ Wall Dimmer, and share the exciting possibilities of electronic textiles with your clients. Architects, designers and educators find it particularly useful to demonstrate how fun and easy to use IFM's wall dimmers are.

Each Sample Dimmer Board includes a fully installed IFM wall dimmer and light bulb. Simply plug in the Sample Dimmer Board and give it a gentle touch to turn the light on and off, and set varying light levels. It's a fun thing to have in your office and everyone will enjoy experimenting with it. Three prong plug with true electrician's ground required.

See a great video demo of the Sample Dimmer Board at GIZMODO. (Link will open in a new window.)

The IFM Sample Dimmer is available for loan and wholesale orders only. Please contact IFM for details.

Terms of Use

The IFM Sample Dimmer Board contains proprietary information and materials. These sensors are protected by US Patents, copyright, trademark and trade secret laws. IFM patents broadly cover the use of e-textiles as capacitive sensors and lighting controllers.

US Patent 7,054,133
International Patent 6,210,771

IFM Inc. grants the user of these kits a single use license for projects and fashion works. The user may not resell, reengineer or recreate any IFM e-textile materials without IFM permission.




Easy, Safe & Durable


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