IFM's patented Plush Touch™ Sensors are available for licensing by manufacturing and distribution companies. Our sensors are an entirely new, soft and sensuous way to control lighting, electronic devices and appliances.

Download a PDF of our Licensing Packet for more information.

Use Plush Touch™ Sensors to replace any button or switch. Sew them into soft-good products, create a new way to control a robot, or transform lamps and other lighting devices around the home. IFM's Plush Touch™ sensing technology can take on a variety of form factors: pompoms, tassels, braids, fabrics and embroidery. The design possibilities are unlimited. See our licensing PDF for more applications and ideas!

With IFM's Plush Touch™ Sensors, the textile is the sensor, so our sensors feel completely soft and luxurious, with no hidden hard buttons or switches. Other e-textile sensors use layers of rubber or fabric and often feel like standard rubberized keypads. Our patented Plush Touch™ Sensor is the only product where the yarn is the sensor, so all the consumer feels are pompoms, velvet and tufting.

IFM's Plush Touch™ Sensors are ready for market. They have already been sold in IFM's UL Listed POM POM™ Wall Dimmer and ESSENTIAL™ Wall Dimmer. IFM works with non-corrosive and inert materials, making our sensors safe and durable.

IFM's unique intellectual property, technical, and design expertise, as well as product development experience provides our partners with a full range of development possibilities. With over 15 years worth of experience in e-textiles, interactive media and electronics we can help you make your product a reality. IFM has researched and implemented numerous materials and methods for manufacturing Plush Touch™ Sensors. IFM's textile fabrication methods are similar to traditional textile methods and our e-textile materials are readily available. We can work with any manufacturer to refine their process, find alternative materials and reduce costs.

Plush Touch™ Sensors are made with e-textile material that cost little more than traditional textiles. Added materials cost for one of our sensors can be as little as pennies. IFM's Plush Touch™ Sensors work with a variety of capacitive sensing circuits and technology. IFM has sourced many electronic components, so partners can work with our known sources or leverage their own expertise in electronics by purchasing or manufacturing these parts directly from Asia.


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