Amazing Soft Switches

How do they work? Our products are made with special threads that naturally sense your body. Simply touch the soft fabric to control the lights. They're fun, functional and brighten any interior.

ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer for Kids (Now at the MOMA Store!)
Colorful, fuzzy and fun, kids love these irresistible puffs!

ElectroPUFF™ Craft Kit
Discover the magic of electronics textiles with this FUN kit. Electronics textiles made EASY for kids and grown-ups alike!!


POM POM™ Wall Dimmer
Control your lights with a whimsical fuzzy pompom. For the young and free-spirited at heart.

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$32.99  [order now]

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$29.99  [order now]

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$99  [order now]


ESSENTIAL™ Square Wall Dimmer - Single Gang
Create a luxurious atmosphere with a gentle touch. Perfect for the design-savvy.

ESSENTIAL™ Square Wall Dimmer - Double Gang
Control your lights with two soft switches. An intriguing sensual experience.

ESSENTIAL™ Square Wall Dimmer - Triple Gang
Three soft switches on
one plate. The most luxurious touch for any home or office.

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$99  [order now]

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$135  [order now]

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Sample Dimmer Board
An excellent tool for architects, designers and educators to experience and share IFM's patented wall dimmers with clients.

Custom Lighting:
Petal Pusher

Limited edition, interactive textile lighting. Available individually or in myriad configurations.



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$129  [order now]

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$450  [order now]



Born of a unique expertise in contemporary textile design and e-textile technology - an innovative marriage of textiles, design and electronics, IFM's exclusive lighting products add style and warmth to any room.

Our patented Plush Touch™ sensing technology is the magic behind our lighting products. By embedding electronic fibers directly into fabric, we've created lighting controls that combine softness and style to provide a delightful interactive experience.

Because these lighting controls are beautiful, inviting and downright fun to use, they appeal to just about everyone - from design aficionados, to anyone who enjoys playful tactile experiences. Kids love them as much as grown-ups. Just a gentle tap of the plush fabric turns on, off or dims the lights, and transforms the act of lighting a room into an extraordinary sensory experience. Just one touch and you'll be hooked.



Easy, Safe & Durable


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Now at the MOMA STORE ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer!

CEO Maggie Orth named 2007 USA Target Fellow Maggie is one of 50 artists to be honored in recognition of her creative work by United States Artists.

New ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer for Kids
Available in seven vibrant and fun colors, these puffs make a unique gift that's perfect for bedrooms, playrooms and dorms.

See a great video demo of the ESSENTIAL Wall Dimmers at GIZMODO.
"...we can now definitively tell you that it feels soft as silk, just like a fine piece of carpet. The $99 switch works well, and is extremely easy to turn on and off."

"The inviting dimmers not only change the user experience from mechanical to sensual/tactile, they transform the aesthetic and atmosphere of the room they're used in."

"Orth's funky dimmers transform the banal activity of turning on a light into a sensory experience."
-Seattle, The Premier Seattle Monthly




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